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"Extermination Campaign" documents the two most important shows from the 2015 world wide campaign of hatred, intolerance and WAR from the most extreme band in the world, INTOLITARIAN.

Led by Antichrist Kramer and featuring two completely different mercenary deployments for each chosen strike, this release documents the first time INTOLITARIAN unleashed uncontrolled explosions of rage, hatred and cymatic war directed at both sets of victims on each respective soil.

Side one of this release documents a private/invite only strike that took place in Vantaa, Finland alongside one Extreme Industrial noise/PE's most vicious, destructive and hate filled entities XENOPHOBIC EJACULATION, the first ever performance of slow, suffocating Black Doom commandos S.A.D.O.S. and noisecore lunatic criminals HERSKA which featured Hendrik Moebus on session hammers. INTOLITARIAN ended the attack with a cover of ANAL CUNT's "You're Old".

Side two documents the strike that took place on Vinalndian soil at the legendary Fleet's Festival Of Freaks Fest in Providence, Rhode Island. INTOLITARIAN attacked alongside 7 other bands, including the barbarian Death Metal horde DISMA, old school Death Metal lifers DESOLATE and organizer Jim Fleet's own legendary Grind Noisecore band PHLEGM. INTOLITARIAN ended this assault with a cover of the Boyd Rice/NON classic hymn "Total War".

**NOTE, there are no overdubs nor clean pristine sound to be found on this release, so audiophile nerd faggots can fuck off. This release exists solely as a documentation of attack as well as to satiate the lust for extreme hatred of Hate Legion Disciples within all 4 corners of the earth, This release is solely for loyal maniacal suicide bombers and the die hard Hate Legion Disciple terrorists.

INTOLITARIAN does not exist for pleasure.
INTOLITARIAN exists for pain.



300 on Black vinyl, with Black and White insert and poster.

For EU customers, these labels will carry copies:
Darker Than Black / Merchant of Death
Iron Bonehead Productions
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